Your Personal Buyer is an interior design pro who, after going through your purchasing wish list in detail, will provide you with a custom service with close attention to your needs, and as well your personal taste and spending capacity.


The best of Italian design at the right price, for a memorable buying experience

Your Personal Buyer will seek, find out and pre-select the best suited suppliers based on your specific indications with the purpose of making the most out of your purchases and of your time. Some essential brands in a “Made in Italy” list of well-reputed, trustworthy, high-quality, innovative and environment-friendly names will be sorted out and proposed along with some unknown, precious addresses which will ensure you get an exclusive, one-off combination. Additionally, the items eventually chosen may be delivered at your place and, upon request, even installed.

Furthermore, Interno Giorno makes available to professionals either in the building and in the HORECA sectors its list of selected suppliers with the purpose of choosing each time the best products and materials for every single project, and within the budget you set.


Your Personal Buyer will ensure you have a one-of-a-kind, personalized shopping experience by taking you around to some exclusive addresses in different Italian regions like Lombardy, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

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household linen


A choice of Italian, exquisitely hand-painted tiles will be proposed, also available in small quantities featuring custom tile sizes, shapes and colors.


Last, but not least, a number of organic, customizable Home fragrances “Made in Tuscany” will be there for you to choose from, as a delightful complement for your dwelling.


Just contact us for more details or special requests.

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